Things An Explainer Video Should Contain To Increase Conversion

Things An Explainer Video Should Contain To Increase Conversion

There are many ways in which businesses can benefit from an explainer video.

Because when you are only using words on your webpage, it can be very difficult for you to explain exactly what your company does. Nowadays many people respond much more positive to a video instead of text only on websites they visit, potentially increasing the chance of conversion.
But producing a good explainer video that really drives sales requires more than just a few stock illustrations, a funny voiceover and a bit of cheesy animation. Below are a few "must haves" for your explainer video, to ensure you get maximum results.

To The Point Storyline
Make sure your explainer video has a short and to the point storyline, without a lot of unnecessary extra bells and whistles. Keep it short, less is certainly more in this case. A short effective story with a funny twist scores way better than a long one. At the end, more people will finish watching the whole video, ensuring that they receive your entire storyline, including the call to action.

Perfect Timing
The whole point of your explainer video is that potential customer can identify themselves with your brand. They have to understand your entire message to realize this and therefor timing within the explainer video is crucial. Whether it's timing of the voiceover in combination with the illustrations or sound effects complementing the animation. Everything has to fit in the right place and make sense.

This sounds logical, but in practice proves to be difficult.
A Call To Action
In short, a call to action is an instruction that tells your viewers what to do next after watching the video. For instance, you could instruct them to fill out a form on your website to receive a free quote, ask them to click a button on your website, or pick up the phone and call you.

It seems like people need some kind of instruction which tells them what is the next logical step to take. A good call to action at the end of your explainer video can improve conversion rates dramatically.

Excellent Video Quality
It seems obvious that quality plays a big role when it comes to conversion rates after people have watched your explainer video. But as quality is a relative concept, here are a few things to keep in mind.
The illustration and colors used should fit your brands' house style and work with a designer that knows how to design professionally! Make sure you work with a convincing voice-actor that appeals your video's target group. It's alright to use stock music, but don't use music that is all over the internet already, be original or try to look harder for that special track.

Sound effects can also complement your animation; a rule of thumb here is to not overdo it. Nowadays HD video is well established, the least you can expect from your explainer video company is deliver your video in Full HD and additional mobile formats.
Hopefully these tips will come in handy when having an explainer video produced. Remember, a well-produced explainer video can really increase sales and can be well worth the extra costs. So make sure you produce a good one!

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